GMD Plast: Plastics Engineering Division

This division makes plastic parts for automotive manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

It comprises three entities which meet the needs of the continuously expanding perimeter of plastic modules and parts for the automotive industry:

Present all over the world Eurostyle Systems companies specialize in the development and production of interior and external trim modules and aspect parts. A recognized automotive equipment maker, Eurostyle Systems participates in a wide range of projects for many different automobile makers.
- MBPI, based in Molinges, France, specializes in the production of door opening controls, external rear view mirrors, fuel tank flaps and interior and external painted parts.

- PFI, based in Lognes, France, specializes in the design and production of thermoplastic components for engine compartments, electrical systems and vehicle gearboxes.
Our Areas of Expertise

- The development and production of plastic components and modules for Automobile and Truck makers.

- The development of comprehensive solutions, which ensure the control and introduction of complex projects everywhere in the world.

- Our competences and experience range from initial studies through concepts and designs and then through project development to production.

- Our product portfolio covers all modules and aspect parts for vehicle exteriors and interiors as well as technical parts.

- Development of innovative solutions meeting all the needs of manufacturers in particular for safety, product lightening, metal/plastic substitutions, the choice of “aspect” plastics, paintwork substitution and overmoulding on decorative fabrics.

Key figures FY 2015


Sales in FY 2015:
201 M€

Sales breakdown:

- By customer type:

10% equipment suppliers
90% manufacturers

- By products:

15% painted plastic systems
49% interior systems
26% external systems
10% technical systems