GMD Sealynx: Sealing Division

SEALYNX International, a major player in automobile body seals joined the GMD GROUP in 2013.

SEALYNX know-how in seal development, industrialization and manufacturing makes it possible to meet all our automotive clients’ needs.

Expertise in every aspect of TPE thermoplastic and EPDM rubber products and production, the diversity of the processes used (compounds, extrusion, overmoulding, bending, shaping, coatings, bonding and gluing lines, etc…) and the perfect geographical locations of its production facilities guarantee unrivalled competitiveness in Europe.
Innovation, development, Manufacturing

Very high performance materials and ultra-productive machines bring meaningful solutions to lightening, the improvement of perceived quality and wear resistance.

Innovative systems
In the field of safety (SafeLynx anti- pinching), design (the GlazeLynx concept), simplicity and cost/performance optimization (DivLynx fixed uprights).

Recognized experience
in the development of products and their environment from scratch, in collaboration with our customers’ design engineering departments.A Design-to-Cost approach from initial assessment and concept definition to fine-tuned large-scale manufacturing.

Highly specific know-how
in the design and manufacture of sealing systems for Coupés and Convertibles.

Historical excellence in van and truck sealing.
Our 3 facilities

- France : Normandy

- Romania : Dirmanesti

- Morocco : Tangiers

Key figures FY 2015

Sales: 104M€

Payroll: 800


- 3 EPDM rubber compounding lines

- 17 EPDM extrusion lines

- 4 TPE extrusion lines

- 300 EPDM and TPE injection moulding presses

- 2 injection presses